utensilsDining with Dignity offers specialty flatware for people with grip impairments.

This elegant, patented design enables those with grip impairment to grasp their fork, spoon or knife using a yoke attached to the handle.

Designed to be versatile, the stainless steel yoke can be adjusted to fit various hand sizes and gripping angles.


Silverware Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial showing how our products are used. It’s easier than you think.

In the Real World

You can use our products with absolute confidence when you’re out on the town.



Each utensil may be twisted to meet your specific grip and strength. A person with no grip has the ability to “hold” these utensils while eating with no assistance.




Our patented design enables those with grasp impairments to grasp their fork, knife and spoon, independently. An elegant adjustable yoke is attached to each handle.

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Small or large sizesDining With Dignity Flatware is distributed nationwide. We now offer smaller sizes for children or people with smaller hands. We also offer our products at a lower rate due to our overall success…

Our products are made in the USA, and we use Oneida silverware for all of our products. Thanks!

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